Focal Point


One of the most effective ways to add value to a home is to upgrade the fireplace. Everyone knows that fireplaces are a valuable asset to any house. Getting a marble fireplace mantel is an amazing upgrade that most homeowners would be proud to have. Get a marble mantle as a focal point in a dining or family room. There are many to choose from and the hard part will be deciding on which amazing fireplace will be the perfect one for your intended space.

In choosing a marble fireplace mantle, consider the space where it is going to be installed. If the fireplace is located in a grand room where there is lots of space and the fireplace is the focal point then consider a good sized fireplace mantel. This is a nice place to put a custom made marble piece with lots of intricate designs and carvings. However, if the space is smaller, you may need a more modest marble mantel. Choose, instead, to go with a bold colour or extra unique design pattern. Marble is a natural stone and therefore has its own unique colour pattern.

The veins, lines, and curves in each piece will be different. That is what makes marble such a great focal point. Every time you look at it you will see something different. As the sun comes up and hits the marble in different places the colour will subtly change, shine, and beautiful lines will pop up. If you choose a small marble fireplace mantle, consider one that is visually stunning and neutral enough in colour to go with the paint, flooring, and window treatments. You want your fireplace to be a show piece in the room but in a small room, you don’t want it to take over the entire decor.

When a homeowner decides to have a marble fireplace mantle installed in their home they are making a wise decision. The marble will upgrade the space and add value to the home. It will become the focal point of the room and a gathering place. Finally, a marble fireplace is a great spot to place comfortable chairs. The family will want to sit around relaxing, reading a book or having a stimulating conversation with the ones they love.

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