Ways to incorporate marble into your interior design


In the recent years, marble has made a comeback into the world of interior design. But unlike the earlier ornate sculptures that adorn the whole room and become the central focus of the room, now a days it has become a trend for it to be used in small doses-accents and statement pieces-rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye.

If you too want to be ahead of the curve, check out the list of ways to incorporate marble into your interior design. Use marble in these new ways to give a classic touch to your modern home decor.

☆Use marble columns to delineate space

Open-concept living is becoming increasingly common. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a spacious single family home, this type of plan opens up the space and leaves it feeling less stuffy and confined. However, though your home may lack certain walls, you still need to delineate the space in order to keep it looking organized. Let marble do the job. Columns are of course, the obvious answer. But there is no need to make them look like they came out straight of a white telephone feature. To give your house a more sleek and industrial feel, choose columns with straight edges and relatively few decorative touches. Consider building a half-wall column or a full size column from floor to the ceiling according to the design of the interior.

☆Use marble in your furniture

When paired with the correct pieces, marble gives a very elegant look when it is in the form of furniture. Be it a coffee table or a statement couch, marble is a very sturdy material which along with enhancing the look of your decor will also last for a very long time. They are for a lifetime. Do not be afraid of investing in a statement piece of marble furniture. It will withstand a lot of wear and tear along with serving as a high-end fashion piece adorning your house. But before choosing the piece, be sure to be very specific about the measurements since marble is particularly heavy and can be unforgiving if you get the sizes wrong. Additionally, do not feel like you need to stick to the traditional neutral tones. Add class to your living room by replacing the wooden coffee table with a colored marble table top. Think about using marble as outdoor furniture, as they are sturdy and can withstand a stormy weather with quite some ease. Mix the modern day chicness with some traditional pieces to make your home as elegant as possible.

☆Incorporate marble into your accessories and decor

Be it small marble showpieces to be placed on shelves or the intricately designed fireplaces to be placed in your living room, marble can definitely bring a feel of luxury into your house. Look into your options according to your house shape and size and give it a lavish feel with some marble accessories.

So, think again if you think that marble is old and archaic as far as your interior decorations matter. The best way to incorporate marble into your interior design while keeping it subtle and modern is by making use of marble columns inside your houses because it helps to give the modern architecture a traditional elegant touch along with being useful to delineate space.

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