Kitchen & Bath Marble

Your kitchen and bath are essential parts of your home or building. They are necessary and essential, but can also be beautiful focal points with the incorporation of our stunning marble creations. Adding customized marble to your kitchen creates a welcoming center to your home where family or friends can admire the beauty of these wonderful natural accents. Adding a customized marble feature to your bathroom provides a touch of regality that helps you feel pampered as you prepare for the day.


At Marble Maison, our kitchen and bath designs start with the highest quality marble from around the world – specifically chosen with beauty and durability in mind.  The marble is thoughtfully shaped by our master artists to bring out its natural elegance in the best possible way.

We offer a wide range of stone bathtubs and sinks and we can work with you to custom design and create any piece you so desire. Let the wonderful appeal of natural marble add to the look and use of your kitchen and bath.