Limestone is a widely popular, versatile stone for applications such as flooring, tiling, architecture and decorative accent pieces. Limestone has a cohesive, soft look with no veins. Using limestone for large scale stonework creates a visually pleasing, seamless look.

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A main draw of limestone is its non-slip surface properties. It is perfect for pool or other water-side applications. Its long-term durability adds function and convenience to your space. Limestone is a porous material that may need sealing or other forms of maintenance to reach its full long-term potential. However, most treatments are only necessary to do every few years, making limestone a relatively low-maintenance product.

This attractive stone is available in a range of diverse colors. Specific colors originate from various parts of the world. Marble Maison is able to provide limestone from most areas giving you the largest range of choice. Marble Maison can design and construct magnificent columns, fireplaces and window or door sills from limestone. Our master craftsmen are also available to work with you to design custom artwork or architectural features.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made primarily of grains of ancient marine organisms, such as coral or shell. It usually contains a fair amount of silica which gives it a unique appearance.

Limestone is a natural, durable and attractive stone, ideal for indoor, outdoor and waterside applications. We at Marble Maison will work with you to create beauty and function from this impressive stone. Please contact us to learn more specifics about limestone and how to incorporate it into your home or office.