Marble Fireplaces

We offer the largest selection of marble fireplaces in the USA at very competitive prices. You can choose from our extensive designs or we will create the perfect marble fireplace from your design or photo. These marble fireplaces can be used for gas, wood or electric applications. All marble fireplaces are natural marble and custom made to order, they always include a hearth if you require one. Our beautiful custom made marble fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any home. Installation is quite simple and can be done by any home improvement contractor. Or you can do it yourself and we will provide you with step by step instructions to install your marble fireplace.

Marble Maison has over seventeen years’ experience in creating beautiful marble fireplaces, we use the most modern technology to precision carve your marble fireplace to your exact specifications. We can create fireplaces from any type of stone including marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, onyx and granite. Marble Maison also has the capability to provide marble fireplaces in very large quantities to builders and developers. We will travel to your location at no extra cost to discuss your needs and provide you will the best possible service.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about adding a marble fireplace to your home. Marble fireplaces last many lifetimes and for over one thousand years have always proven to be a warm and central part of any home whether you live in a single family house or a condominium. Please contact us today to see what we can create for you.