Onyx is a dramatic stone noted for its deep and rich colours. It can be found in greens, browns, whites and even dramatic purples. Onyx has long been a favorite stone for luxurious jewelry and statues. At Marble Maison our onyx used for carvings is a banded lapidary material containing quartz and other silica material, originating mainly from Pakistan and Mexico. This is different than the denser onyx material generally used in jewelry. We source the highest quality onyx from around the world to create magnificent focal points for your home or office space.

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Onyx is an extremely hard stone with a 6.5 rating on the Mohs Scale, making it ideal for long-lasting ornate treasures. Ancient Greek mythology tells that onyx came from the god, Venus. Aristocratic ancient Egyptians used it throughout their homes. Ancient Minoans and Romans prized onyx in their art. Whatever its origin, onyx is a timeless stone that adds a regal dimension to a room.

Marble Maison craftsmen and artists create striking statues, pedastals and fireplaces from onyx. The veins of this stone are deep, making it best suited for smaller scale stone work, as opposed to large flooring or columns. We will work with you to customize or create new designs to suit your specifications for these or other works of stone.

Onyx carvings provide bold center pieces to your space. Please contact us for further information on onyx and to see how we can create art and function from this beautiful stone.