Travertine is an excellent stone choice for larger scale stone projects that will pop in your home or office space. The unique patterns and beautiful, natural imperfections of this stone give it a distinctive look with lots of character. Travertine is best used for outdoor applications, such as pavers, fountains or gazebos, in warmer climates. Travertine can be comfortable for bare feet even in hot summer sun. Travertine also makes an aesthetic statement when used for indoor stone work such as fireplaces, columns and flooring. The ever-diverse personality of travertine makes it possible to use in multiple ways in the same space without appearing bland.

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Travertine is a type of limestone that is generally deposited by hot springs and is formed very much like the stalactites you would see in a cave. Travertine often comes in white, tan, cream and rust colors.

The striking patterns found in travertine can often resemble marble, but at a more economic price. This allows you to extend your home or office stonework or remodel affordably. Although a porous material that can require some upkeep overtime, travertine is a much sturdier and eco-friendly option for flooring than most timbers or porcelains. Travertine is a natural product which saves the environment from damaging processes used to create alternative flooring and decorative materials.

Our master craftsmen at Marble Maison are experts at designing custom stone products from travertine. They work with the unique look of each piece of stone to maximize its appearance and functionality for you.

Travertine is a statement stone that can capture your personality and showcase the artistic brilliance of Mother Nature.